Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fixing Messes--Part 1

This weekend I am declaring my "Fixing Messes" weekend. For all of you crafting and artsy people out there, I am sure that you have some projects that are uncompleted because you just didn't like the way it has turned out so far. Rather than throwing away the project, you set it aside to percolate on the back burner hoping for either (1) divine intervention, (2) a clearer head, or (3) time to reconsider the project.

Since I make so many multiples of my projects, when I am in the middle of a project I make extra parts because I know that I will need them later on. Therefore, when I have a project that just doesn't work then I have a whole bunch of extra pieces in the studio.

These are the projects that I will be working with this weekend. The first project will be to solve the dilemma of my Year of the Ox postcards.

The first picture is the prototype that didn't work for me. After I thought about it, I should have reversed the color scheme. The picture of the Ox should have been the darker color and the text overlay should have been the lighter color.

Unfortunately, I have a whole bunch of postcards already printed with the light colored Ox. (Picture 2). The reverse side has already been printed with the postcard print (Picture 2) so I can't do anything with the reverse side and the front looks a little plain with just the Ox.

Finally, the postcard that I ended up sending out was the postcard in Picture 3. As you can see, I mounted some Japanese tissue onto the card. I then printed the Ox in dark blue and overprinted the card with the text in dark purple. Granted, it is a busy design but I like that fact that you immediately recognize the text. Upon closer inspection, you can see the image of the Ox.

I will post the solution to the above mentioned problem tomorrow or Monday.

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