Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to Crafting

So, I finally made it back from the road. What an experience! The road manager for one of the acts that my office manages had to stay behind for some medical tests. Of course, he did not find out about this until the night before the group was scheduled to leave for a two week tour. Being the only person capable of leaving on a moment's notice, I was chosen to go on the tour--with about four hours notice.

There were many possessions left behind simply because I didn't have time to pack them--especially my camera and my laptop.

So I made it home on Saturday only to jump into making some projects that were due while I was away. One of the projects was a stationery box covered in faux leather that a banker friend wanted to keep on his desk at the bank. The nice aspect about this project is that I re-purposed old stationery and re-used it. I have been collecting old stationery from companies that have gone out of business and/or changed their names or address. I then re-size the stationery for my purposes. What normally would have gone to the landfill unused, now gets re-purposed before it gets (hopefully) recycled.

The second project was a pin box for my bookbinding teacher. My teacher sews and I wanted to give her a little gift since this will be our last session for the Bookbinding 1 class. I decided to make a small decorative box and put magnet sheeting on the lid so she could use it as a pin box. The magnet gets covered with paper in the final step. I used some of the decorative paper that I brought over from my last trip to Japan.

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