Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Crafting for Me

Well----just when I was getting into a creative groove, life throws you a curve. I was supposed to take another class this weekend but I am getting called away for work. I was scheduled to take a class from one of my favorite teachers--Carolyn Chadwick--based upon slipcases but that doesn't seem to be.

I will be traveling with The Duke Ellington Orchestra for who knows how long. The Road Manager has to stay behind for some medical tests and he didn't let us know until late last night. So, I had less than four hours to prepare for what might be a two week trip.

The tour is schedule to start in Oregon (Medford and Klamath Falls) and will then procede to California (Napa, Fresno and Fullerton). The second part of the tour is in Missouri (Kirksville, Columbia and St. Louis) and Illinois (Schaumberg).

Unfortunately that means very little creating going on. Maybe I can find some good paper stores along the way. Hmmmm, that's an idea.

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