Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Iron Craft 2014 Challenge #25--Cupcake Ornaments (Project 50)

This week we where challenged for time. We had to create something in less than one hour. The implication was that were are so rushed with holiday plans, travel and commitments that we would have limited time to craft.

This is a craft that is similar to one of the projects that I shared last month.  For the Snowball Ornament, I used modeling paste and glitter. For the Cupcake Ornament, I decided to use modeling paste, acrylic paint (for the yellow and pink "frosting") and rainbow sprinkles. I will use hooks to hang them on the tree.

For display here, I used cupcake papers and would use these as name card holders for each place setting. I wanted to use the foil cupcake liners but didn't have any on hand. For each of the bulbs, I filled a different amount of rainbow sprinkles in each  to see which amount I preferred. You could also use candies (like red hots) or larger nonpareils.

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