Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Iron Craft 2014 Challenge #24--Candy Advent Wreath (Project 48)

For this project, we were asked to create something for the holidays. I was a little stymied because I had just completed a 30 day series called Christmas in November (You can click on the label Christmas2014 below to see all of the projects in that series). So, for the Iron Craft Challenge, I needed to come up with one more project.

I have always been inspired by Kat and her Advent Calendar series so I decided to do an Advent Calendar but I wanted to do something that was quick and easy and readily accessible to anyone who needed a quick project.

Materials Needed
Flat Chipboard Wreath (I bought mine at Michaels--Floral and Craft Ring, 6in)
Wire edged ribbon
Individually wrapped flat candies (I used Peppermint Patties--non holiday bag)
Circle Labels (I used Avery Round Labels 8293, 1.5 inch diameter)
Number Stickers (I used EK Success Sticko Dimensional Stickers in black glitter)
Double sided tape

First prepare your candies. I placed a round sticker on 24 separate pieces of candy. I then placed a number on each round sticker. The numbers ranged from 1 to 24. To complete this project, you will need the following quantities of numbers: ones--13, twos--8, threes--3, fours--3, numbers 5 through 0--2 each).

Once complete, set the candies aside. Take your wreath form and wrap wire edged ribbon in an up and over pattern until your wreath form is covered. Secure in place with double sided tape.

Start placing your candies on your wreath. There is no pattern here. Simply fill up the wreath form with one layer of candies. Make sure to start with your lowest number so by the time Christmas arrives your wreath will be empty. Adhere each candy with double sided tape. You can use a glue gun for this layer if you wish or if you need a more secure base. The stability of this layer is the most important.

Candies Ready for assembly.
Covered Wreath waiting for Candies
First layer completed
Once the first layer is completed, add a second layer using double sided tape. Be careful when placing these candies because you don't want the bottom layer to come off when these candies are individually removed.
Second layer completed
Once the second layer is complete, continue with the top layer. I ended up with three layers. Once all candies have been attached, Loop a length of ribbon through the center of the wreath to hang.

Read for December 1
As an alternative to the Advent Wreath, you can simply do a Merry Christmas wreath. This wreath is constructed in the same way as above but I used a 12 inch Floral/Craft form, holiday wrapped Peppermint Patties (in red, silver and green) and the letters corresponding to Merry Christmas. For this project, you will need the following letters: R--3, M & S--2 each, and A, C, E, H, I, T, Y--1 each.

You can cut out your letters/numbers yourself rather than buy stickers. Similarly, you can print the letters/numbers directly on the stickers if you want. I just wanted to show a no-fuss, quick project that didn't involve paper cutting.

If you have nice handwriting, you could even simplify this even more my writing the letters/numbers.

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kat said...

You and I were in the same boat, we've been working on holiday projects for so long that coming up with another one can be tricky ;) You rose to the occasion though. I think this is such a great idea and a clever take on the advent calendar. It would be cute for kids to make for grandparents or teachers.