Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Iron Craft 2014 Challenge #26--Year End Cards (Project 52)

For our final Iron Craft Challenge, we were asked to prepare something based on "Celebration." I chose to share my holiday Christmas card. I always celebrate Christmas by sending out handmade Christmas cards. This is the seventh in my series of Stained Glass Christmas cards based on the Twelve Days of Christmas.

These are done with hand tinted vellum and are designed to simulate stained glass. You can leave the card open on the mantel with a battery operated tea light and it looks like stained glass. The card is a tri-fold card with the first two panels (with the openings) fold upon itself to hold the vellum.

The insert is made from Japanese confetti mulberry paper made with silver and gold leaf. It is mounted on gold metallic card stock.

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kat said...

I hope that the people who have received these through the years have kept the whole set!