Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Project #9--Moleskin/Passport Holder--SUCCESS

Project Success
After some new calculations, I decided to attempt this project again. Rather than use book cloth, I decided to use some scrap paper that I had. I have presented this paper before on the blog; it is a paper backed treated paper that is embossed with a reptile design.

For this prototype, I decided to keep the corners square rather that try and cover the rounded corners. The boards were kept the same size but the gap between the boards was increased to 1/2 inch rather than the 1/4 inch used previously. Usually, the gap should equal the thickness of the pages (signature). Yet, for this project, the extra width was needed.

Also, rather than have the elastic wrap above and below the hinge, I cut two slots so that the elastic could pass through the hinge. Hopefully, this will prevent the boards from warping due to the strain of the elastic on the hinge. Another change was the height of the hinge--it is now cut to the height of the boards. The final change was to use a 1/2 inch turn in on all sides rather than the standard 3/4 inch turn in.

The case and hinge
After gluing everything in, the adjustments seemed to work well. The case was not warping and there seemed to be less strain on the hinge due to the added width and added length. The only step left was adding end sheets. I decided to use some left over marbled paper that I had.

End sheets add
I was really pleased with the way that this version turned out. There are still some small modifications needed but I think I am able to proceed to the leather version.

Finished project

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