Monday, March 10, 2014

Egg Decorating 2014--Silk Egg Dyeing

This year, I wanted to share some new techniques for Egg Decorating. These will be new techniques for me and I will share the prototypes and finished projects with you. The first technique is Silk Egg Dyeing. It is a hot dyeing process and requires that you use 100% silk for the process.  This technique was made famous by using old silk neckties.

So, for the prototypes, I used some old silk ties that were being discarded at a local Salvation Army. Since the ties were so out of style, the manager gave them to me. She told me that she got tired of having them around and only be used for Halloween or 70s costume parties. One of the ties that she gave me has been bought and re-donated twelve times.

For the prototypes, I decided to use raw chicken eggs (as opposed to blown out eggs). For the final project, I will use blown out eggs. I will share a tutorial with you later this week but wanted to show you some of the finished prototypes.

As you can see, only some of the pattern transfers. Regardless of how hard I tried to get the fabric to lie flat against the egg, I still got white or missing patterns. Once I tried and failed on this single issue, I just decided to embrace the imperfections as part of the process. To lessen the effects of this lack of transfer, I decided to overdye the eggs with standard cold dyeing techniques. Afterwards, I really like the way the eggs turned out. I tried to overdye with a coordinating color.

In the detail photos below, you can see the pattern transfer on each of the eggs.

Silk dyed eggs
(using old neckties)
Egg Detail
(the yellow egg is a simple
cold dyed egg)
Egg Detail
Egg Detail
Egg Detail

I am especially proud of the brown eggs (which is an extremely difficult color to achieve without it looking like mud). I learned another interesting technique this year as well--the sheen on the eggs is a thin coat of vegetable oil.

As mentioned above, I will share the tutorial later this week and will share more final results.

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