Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crafting in Simpler Days

I was talking with someone the other day regarding old time crafts and it made me reminisce about earlier days when I started to realize that I loved to craft/create. My two favorite gifts were my Spirograph and my Candle Maker.

The Spirograph had been in my family for awhile and I never saw one until I was adopted into my family. When I started to use it, I fell in love. I would play with the set endlessly for hours. I even had a little journal that I would draw every single pattern--one pattern per page--and would meticulously notate which wheel/spool, which circle and which hole that I would use to create each design.

First, it was a modern miracle that all of the pieces were still intact. The set had been stored in the attic and was only found when we were digging out the Christmas decorations. This is the ONLY toy that I still carry with me wherever I go and has traveled with me everywhere.

Original Drawing Board
(although I never used it)

Everything still in its place
(although the pens no longer work)

The second toy from my childhood that I remember was a Candle Making Set. I loved candles and I enjoyed making them ever since I made one for an art project in high school. I took a parfait glass and layered candle wax to similar a Strawberry Sundae. That Christmas, I had pined for a Candle Making Set and thought that my dreams were going to be crushed by not receiving one. One night when everyone was asleep, I unwrapped all of my presents under the tree to find my "surprise." I rewrapped all of my gifts using the same paper and same tape (which is where I learned to love gift wrapping as well). On Christmas Day, I held up the package (using my best acting skills) and said--I hope this is a Candle Making Set. Boy, was I "surprised" when it was.

I don't know whatever happened to my Candle Making Set but I still have my Spirograph.

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