Monday, June 8, 2009

Renegade Craft Fair--Brooklyn

Cards by Andy Pratt Design.

On Saturday, I travelled to The Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn in my old stomping grounds in Williamsburg. This was my first year to attend because something always prevented me from going in previous years. This Craft Fair features handmade items from numerous independent vendors. This year there were over 200 vendors and it was a bit overwhelming but I managed to make my way through the booths.

To reduce my anxiety, I simply concentrated on paper goods. I should have returned on Sunday to visit the shops that were featuring larger paper items--there were many cool posters that I could have easily snapped up. But once again, I decided to stick to smaller paper products--mainly cards.

The first artist that I would like to feature was Andy Pratt from Andy Pratt Designs. As most of you know, I go weak in the knees for simple, colorful graphics and Andy provided just what I like. I chose the Thank You and Happy Birthday cards because they were just too cool. He has numerous other cards and prints that are available. His NYC locations prints are definitely worth seeing.

Another aspect of our encounter that I appreciated was his ease and openness at his booth. It is pleasurable to meet artists/owners that are easy going and seem to enjoy working at these types of events. Not only did we talk about his business but there was plenty of joking and joshing going on.

I highly recommend his products. Please visit his online store at

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