Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almost Dark Blue

Here is a card that I made for a Swap-bot swap in the Handmade Postcard Club. This is a series of ongoing color based swaps. The theme color for this month was "Almost Dark Blue." The swap is a fairly open swap in that there aren't a whole lot of rules. The primary color of the swap is the only requirement.

When I immediately thought of the swap, I was drawn to the deep sea. The dark blues, and purples that are present. The way that the light glistens as it streams through the darkness to highlight other colors nearby. I also thought of deep sea creatures that lurk in this darkness.

This is another of my watercolor backgrounds. As hard as I tried, I really couldn't get a deep, dark background. I had treated the wet background with kosher salt to mottle the look to simulate bubbles. The jellyfish was created using a hand cut stencil. A transparent embossing paste was applied thick so that it would simulate the bubbles on the skin of the translucent animal.

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