Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Book

This is the final book from my Bookbinding I class. It is a classically bound book with a flexible spine. It has 20 sewn signatures and handsewn headbands. It was sewn on tapes. The only difference for me is that it has my twist on the bookcloth covering.

For most people, the front and back of the book are covered in the same manner (e.g., the quarter or half bound book). As I have mentioned before, it drives me crazy when you can't tell which is the front or back of the book when you have a blank journal or an untitled journal.

My solution is to completely cover the back of the book in the spine covering material and only used decorative paper on the front of the book.

The picture is a little dark but the bookcloth is a dark navy blue and the paper is a blue paisley on a chartreuse background (paper and cloth from NY Central Art Supply).

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