Saturday, September 9, 2017

Day 9--30 Day Coloring Challenge

Today, I decided to combine both of the 30 Day Challenges that I am completing in September. One is the 30 Days of Happiness Quotes that I have been doing in my Hobonichi. The second is the Coloring Challenge that I have been already sharing with you.

Today's quote is a play on words. I was searing through my envelope stock because I will be making some more handmade envelopes very soon. I ran across the image of Monet's home and gardens which I thought would be funny with the word impress vs impressionism in today's quote.

Once I found the picture, I decided what I wanted to do.

Monet's home and garden.
I decided to use vellum as an overlay and to letter the quote on the overlay. I used a Sharpie Brush Marker for the lettering. I outlined the letters with a Sharpie fine tip marker in maroon. I didn't realize how bold the colors have to be in order to work through the opaqueness of the vellum. On the front, I used a .08 Micron liner to outline the pansy stencil.

I then decided to reverse color the stencil from the underside much like they used to do reverse glass painting. I used Tombow markers to apply the color and a Micron marker to add the details. I then applied two used postage stamps to the front to finish the top layer.

Vellum Overlay
Still not thoroughly pleased, I added dried flowers to the underside of the vellum to add interest. These are pansies and verbena.

The underside of the vellum overlay
One of the goals of the page was to question what was real and from where the images were coming. Very much like the Impressionists, you had to look several times to see all of the images and the component parts.

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