Sunday, September 24, 2017

Day 24--30 Day Coloring Challenge

Finished Postcard Front

I am sure that you were tired of seeing my Art Journal, so I decided to do a different project for today's coloring challenge. I decided to do a simple postcard.

It all started when I mistakenly purchased a book of postcards at a Japanese bookstore. I thought they were coloring postcards--ones with images that you applied color. But no, they were blank postcards that were printed on the back with address lines and a postage box.

Blank postcards
Back of postcard

I took one of my smaller stencils and got busy applying a design. I used a extra fine Sharpie in black to outline the design. Since they flowers looked like cherry blossoms to me, I decided to use a pink palette. I used Copic markers for coloring and since these cards had a smooth surface, the color flowed nicely. Each petal was colored with three colors (RV23, RV04, and R32), The diamond shapes were filled in with a contrasting blue color (B29).

One of my favorite color combinations is chartreuse and pink. So, I decided to color in the background with FYG2.

Postcard before coloring
I wanted to do something on the back of the postcard because the white background is so shockingly white. I got one of my favorite butterfly stencils and used my alcohol inks in the same color palette as the front of the card (pink, chartreuse and blue). I love the pointillist effect of using alcohol inks and stencils. 

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