Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Iron Craft 2016 Challenge #6--NYC Travel Journal

For Challenge Six we were asked to make something inspired by the city where we live (or have lived). In 2008, I made this travel journal for a ten day trip to Tokyo. I made that journal from scratch but I wanted to use some materials that I already had and wanted to simplify the process for those people who might not have access to a binding machine.

I have these blank, non-adorned, journals in my stash. So I decided to make a NYC travel journal. I covered the front and back boards with a reproduction subway map made by Cavallini & Co. The front board highlights the area of the Bronx where I live. The back board highlights the map legend and title.

Starting book
To begin, I needed to remove the covers. I loosened the the spiral binding by separating the rings by hand. I loosened them just enough to remove the boards. Remember, I wanted others to be able to replicate the project.

Front Cover--da Bronx.
If you look closely, my subway stop is the 161 St/River Ave stop and the old location of Yankee Stadium is shown.
Back Cover
In honor of our Iron Craft administrator and creator, I decided to use some coordinating plaid paper from Japan. Kat and I are both very fond of plaid. This blue plaid is one of my favorite papers and is only one of two sheets that I still have available in this pattern.

Who doesn't love a good plaid?

Once the front and back boards with covered on both sides. I had to cut out the holes where the paper covered the already drilled holes. With a binding machine, you would simply punch the covered boards. By using a pre-existing book, you have to punch the holes by hand.

After cutting the holes, you simply reassemble the books by putting the covers in place and then hand tightening the spiral binding so that the tines meet their corresponding bars.

I haven't quite decided what to do with this book but I am really pleased with the way it turned out. I have one more book like this to cover.

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kat said...

I'm honored you thought of me with the plaid ;) Hard to use the last of two sheets of paper! I'm thinking I want to make something like this for Minneapolis, though maybe I'll just recover a moleskin, I don't have the patience to do the spirals like you did!