Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Iron Craft 2016 Challenge #5--Zentangle Miniature Book

Miniature Accordion Book
According to the Miniature Book Society, miniature books can be no larger that three inches on any dimension. Outside of the United States, the dimensions increase to four inches. So, I decided to make a miniature accordion book to hold some of my daily zentangle exercises.

For those of you who don't know, zentangles are small doodling exercises that are supposed to be comforting in their repetition. I use them as my daily warm up for my 365 Project. Therefore, I have a lot of loose small sheets of paper hanging around. My zentangles are 2.5 inches square so I decided to make a three inch book to hold some of them.

The book structure is an amended accordion book structure that is mounted to a front and back cover that is covered in marbled paper. There are grosgrain ribbons to tie the book shut.

Usually, the book would hold eight images on the front and six images on the reverse. I decided to adapt the structure to include two rows of pages. The top row folds down to be enclosed in the book. If all sides are used, this structure holds 26 images.
Front View (8 images)
Reverse View (6 images)
Fully Open Front View (14 images)
Fully Open Reverse View (12 images)

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kat said...

Oh, I love how this folds out and up, so clever!