Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Iron Craft 2016 Challenge #4--Baby Jar Garland

The topic for Challenge Four was "In the Kitchen." I was a little stumped at first so I decided to go into my studio to look through my supplies. If you have been following along, I am trying to winnow down my stash of supplies and only use what I have on-hand for these challenges. And boy--do I have a stockpile.

One of the reason my stockpile has become a "hoarder-level" collection is because I used to troll Craigslist looking for free supplies or low cost items. I convinced myself that I was helping out people (brides, artists, students, etc.) in helping them get rid of materials prior to moving, post wedding cleanouts, or those people needing some extra cash.

I remember one mother who was trying to make her own baby food for her toddler. She had collected baby food jars and lids but she gave up. She posted on Craigslist and was offering them for free to anyone who could put them to good use. I am thoroughly convinced that you can't have too many jars in an art studio so I collected.

Baby jars are from the kitchen, right? Now to repurpose them. I also had a spool of leather cord that I didn't use for a separate project. Then light bulb.

Why not make a baby food jar garland. So I tied the jars together on a long length of cord. I used ten jars because I was concerned about the weight but could have used more.

Now--what to do with my garland? How about tea lights?

Tea Lights
Tea Lights in the dark
Another idea popped into my head--what about a deconstructed flower arrangement? I had a bouquet of flowers that were in full bloom but I didn't want to throw them out yet. I cut the stems short and arranged them on a flat surface.

Here is the view with the cording. Each is tied under the screw top indention.

The beauty of this arrangements is that you can put the jars in any shape you want.

A heart arrangement
To hold the stems in place, I filled the jars with florist's marbles. These are usually used during the Christmas holidays--silver, clear and frosted marbles.

Arrangement 1
(Top View)
Side View
Arrangement two--roses and spider mums.

Heart Arrangement
 Arrangement three--roses, mums and a lily.

Circle arrangement
 Arrangement four--roses and some furry things.

circle arrangement

I have so many more ideas--how about filling them with succulents for a mini-terrarium? How about fill them with colored water and hanging them in front of a sunny window as a suncatcher?

I am currently on vacation in Los Angeles at this time or I would have tried all of these ideas.

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kat said...

Oh, those are all fantastic ideas! Hope you are having fun in LA.