Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Project #35--Sympathy Card #2

I was going to share a different project this week but after receiving such a wonderful comment on my last Sympathy Card (here), I decided to share this card with you instead. This is a new line of quote cards that I am developing.

These are cutout cards with text--most of them will be have simple connecting lines that allow for letters to be joined to something rather than having them float (similar to a stencil). The look is rather simple but simple doesn't necessarily mean easier.

With text, one slip up and there isn't any recovery and you have to start over. This is the second Sympathy Card that I have designed for this upcoming season. Once again, this is the prototype and the color of the card stock and paper will definitely be different. For this one, I will probably use a Forest Green or Tan card stock with ivory paper.

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