Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Iron Craft 2014 Challenge #19--Decoupaged Switch Covers (Project 38)

Decoupaged Switch Plate Covers
UFOs. Challenge #19 was dedicated to Unfinished Projects. I had so many unfinished projects I was almost paralyzed with indecision.First,  I decided to hang up my artwork from previous challenges. Since I have been doing Iron Craft Challenges since 2011, I have many of my projects stored in art bins. So I decided to hang some of my challenges on the walls for decoration.

One Wall
Second Wall
After I placed as much of the artwork as possible, I felt that I really hadn't completed the challenge so I looked around for something else to do. I am ashamed to say that I had an uncovered light switch in my bathroom that I finally decided to cover.

Uncovered light switch
Finally covered.
Once I covered the light switch, I decided that it looked a little plain. I then decided--I can do better than that. I took a scrap piece of Japanese paper and decided to decoupage my new light switch cover.
Decopaged Light Switch Cover
(using Japanese Paper)
Once I started, I couldn't stop myself. I decided to keep on going and tried experimenting with different materials.

For one cover, I decided to use decorative 3D stickers and colored tissue. In this example, I glued a base layer of hand tinted tissue. Once the glue dried, I applied 3D lady bug stickers. I then placed another layer of tissue on top of the stickers. Once the glue dried, I applied another coat of glue.

For a second example, I decided to use decoupage tissue. This is thin printed tissue specifically made for decoupage. This is a single layer of decopage tissue/paper. Once dried, I applied two coats of glue.

Left: Lady Bug Cover Plate
Right: Decoupage Paper Cover Plate
Still not satisfied, I decided to experiment a little more. Rather than use decorative stickers, I decided to see if my silhouette cutouts could be used. I wanted to do another boy and girl example. For the boy example, I decided to make a dragon cut out. I applied a layer of orange tissue paper. Once dried, I placed the dragon cut out on top. I applied another two layers of orange tissue on top (letting dry between layers). Once dried, I applied another coat of glue. The same process was used for the Victorian silhouette.

I am very pleased with the way all of these turned out. I will start selling these in my Etsy store very soon.

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kat said...

I love that you hung all your pieces from IC through the years! I love looking around and seeing the different things I've made around my house. And I love the plaid light switch cover, I thought the dragon was my favorite until I saw that.