Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Envelope #259

September 16, 2014

I am rather proud of this envelope. Not because it is perfect but because I decided to continue with a design that I wasn't happy with. When I started the 365 Day Challenge, I committed to share the final project regardless of how it turned out.

My rationale was that these were supposed to be doodles and an exercise to jump start my day or something to relax my mind so I could sleep easier.

I cut the stencil and decided that I wanted to color the butterflies and then have a solid background so it would be a reverse silhouette. Well, the colors I chose were so dark against the black background that I wasn't happy with the result and was going to start over. In addition, my black marker was running out.

Well--that was the plan when I started the challenge. So, I needed to try and find a way to salvage the doodle. I decided to take the stencil and outline the butterflies in metallic ink. For two of the butterflies, I decided to doodle within the outlines with the same colored metallic ink.

So sometimes, the added benefit of messing up is trying to figure out how to salvage something and having the self-confidence and belief that you can make it better.

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