Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Project #33--Doodled Wrapping Paper

Doodle wrapping paper

I needed to send my nephews their birthday present last week. I discussed their present here. Because I was running late, I needed to send their gift via FedEx. I was concerned that if I did something special on the outside of the box then they wouldn't deliver it. I contacted my local FedEx representative and they said as long as the billing label was affixed to the package then it would be considered deliverable.

With this new found knowledge, I decided to create my own wrapping paper out of white craft paper. I pre-wrapped the box so I would know how much paper I would need. I also "designated" a space on the paper for the mailing/billing label that I would use after the fact. Granted, I could have simply written the address and mailed it through USPS but I needed the gift to arrive there faster.

Once the areas where designated, I measured out a two inch border with a black Sharpie and then started doodling on the inside of these lines. After the interiors were designed and colored in, I decided to doodle the two inch border because it looked a little bare.

After the doodle was finished, I wrapped the gift and sent it away. When the FedEx person came to pick up the package, I heard a little whistle as he picked up the package. I went to see if there was a problem and he said "This is the coolest. This is gonna be fun to deliver."

Top View:
All wrapped up and ready to go
(Top of box)
 Side One View:
Long Side #1
 Side Two View
Long Side #2
 Side Three View
Short Side #1

Side Four View
Short Side #2

Bottom View
Bottom of box
(ready for the mailing/billing label)

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