Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Iron Craft 2014 Challenge #15--Ball Caps (Project 30)

Dr Russ (side 1)
Dr Russ (side 2)

For this challenge, we were required to embellish something. In a previous Iron Craft Challenge in 2011, I used a fabric airbrush machine to create some t-shirts and tank tops. I decided to dust off the machine to embellish some ball caps for my twin nephews' birthday in August.

I airbrushed the backgrounds and decided to embellish yet some more.  I had been given some Sharpie Oil Based fabric markers as a gift so I decided to try them out to see how well they worked. I started with basic Trucker Style hats (my nephews are turning 14).

I penciled in the lettering with a white chalk pencil and went to town. Of course, I had to practice on a hat for myself--they can't be the only ones looking NYC Urban Cool.

Hat for Holden
Hat for Sam
Although, I got a little sloppy, I am very happy with the way the hats turned out. I don't know if my nephews will actually wear them (the live in Maryland) but at least they will have something to hang in their room.


luluvision said...

LOVE these Russ! I think they came out awesome!!

kat said...

You might be surprised and they will wear them, Thing 2 really wanted a hat like this recently here in MN.

These look as good as the ones we were paying to have done any day!