Saturday, September 3, 2011

Iron Craft 20

This week's challenge was to create something using our old T-shirts. I decided to so a freezer paper stencil that some of the crafters had already done. I cut each of the stencils out of the freezer paper and then used my new fabric air brush machine.


luluvision said...

your new fabric airbrush machine?! Do tell!!

These came out great! (see, I refrained from saying "I love your cock!" DOH! oops!)

Dr. Russ said...

This is so funny because it is the Colorartz machine you highlighted on your blog when you made Siena's Tshirts. I don't have the issue with the smell that you did and I love the machine. I bought the air compressor so I wouldn't have to buy the canned air.

luluvision said...

aah! I was wondering if perhaps it was that! I also bought the air compressor but have yet to use it! Although I have a few shirts I am making and was thinking of pulling it out. Sadly, I think the machine is not doing so well as I saw the ink packets on clearance at the craft store in Chicago! (of course I gobbled up a bunch!) That being said, I wonder if there is a way to make your own ink?? Hmmm