Sunday, September 11, 2011

P10K:Day 17

This was a busy week because the show that was performing at my theater was in its final performance so there was so much work to do that I didn't have time to post everything this week that I wanted to do. There simply wasn't enough time in the day. The upside to the show closing is that I will have my nights off for the next couple for about 2 months which will give me lots more time to be creative and to fill up my etsy store for the holidays.

Accordion Book Project (1 hr)
Book Review (1 hr)

Book Review (1hr)
Blogging (1hr)

According Book Redux (2 hr)

Blogging (1hr)

Blogging (1 hr)
Etsy store listings (1hr)

Blogging (2 hrs)

Week Total = 13 hours
Cumulative Total = 61 hours

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