Monday, September 5, 2011

Custom Orders

Someone asked me to share with you the books that were custom ordered for this week. Originally, I had called them the "Nieces" books because they were going to be a gift for one of my co-worker's nieces.

The brief was for two blank, medium, unlined journals. The younger niece likes owls and the colors blue and green. The older niece likes the color purple and is the more mature of the two girls and likes to write and draw.

For the owl book, I cut out an owl face stencil design out of card stock. Because it was a stencil, I had the choice of using the pieces (the positive) to use as an embossed image or the stencil (the negative) as a debossed image. I decided to use the pieces. I cut out four faces and mounted them to the cover board. The book cloth is a beautiful teal velvet paper. The end sheets are hand marbled paper from one of my favorite artists--Rhoda Miller.

Left: Owl Book(l) and Iris Book (r)

Right: Hand Marbled end sheets by Rhonda Miller

Iris Book featuring Hand Marbled Paper by Rhonda Miller

The Iris book is one of my 3/4 bound books. In other words, the book cloth covers the entire back cover and 1/4 of the front cover. The remaining 3/4 of the front cover is a decorative paper. It always frustrates me to have to turn a book over when I accidentally open the back of the book. Without a label on the front, many times it is hard to tell which is the front or the back. This is my solution to the dilemma--the decorative paper is always the front of the book.

Note to Rhonda--You see, I really do use your papers and don't just hoard them.

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