Monday, July 14, 2014

Project #25--Goodbye Card

Card with paper liner

I realized that I have been deficient in posting about my weekly projects. Therefore, I will have some catch up posts to remedy that problem.

The first project is a card for someone that was leaving the theater for another show. I have share some of these projects before but this one is a little different. This is a 5" square card. Originally it would have been lined with a paper liner in which a salutation or a note could be written. The problem that I was having was that people were wanting to write on the left had side of the card when it was opened. Many times, people would poke their pen through the paper and it would appear on the front side of the card.

With this particular card, I knew that I was going to need a lot of space for people to sign so I had to remedy that situation. The solution was to take a coordinating piece of card stock to back up the card cutout (orange card stock below). Then I would attach a paper liner that would cover the added card stock.

Card with additional card stock
 This solution allowed there to be three sides of white liner for which people could write.

Opened card (two writing surfaces)
If more writing space was needed, the right side of the liner could be turned to show a third side and a blank side of the card stock.
Third and fourth writing surfaces
In a pinch, the back side of the card could also be used.

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