Thursday, February 6, 2014

Project #5--Valentine's Cards

This post has been delayed because I have been struggling with my final Valentine's cards for this year. I have mentioned that I had signed up for a Homemade Valentine's Swap this year. I had to send out my cards so they would arrive in time (especially since I was sending cards to Singapore and Australia). I was not 100% happy with my main card so I decided to send some alternative cards in hopes my swap partners would receive something they would like.

Alternative Card
The above card is the alternative card. I wanted to use a non-traditional color palette and wanted something that was atypical. I rather like the card and feel that it can be used on a variety of occasions. More importantly, I really like the sentiment--show your love all year around rather than just on February 14.

Final Version--Card Front
The above card is the card that I struggled with on a variety of different levels. Unfortunately, I finally solved all of the problems after I sent my swap partners their cards in the mail. I still might send this to them after the fact so they can see what the card is supposed to look like (rather than the card they received).

I knew that I wanted to do a mobile heart card. Working out the logistics of the card was the difficult part. Which parts to glue to which other part so the mechanics wouldn't show. Getting the hearts to align properly. Where to place the thread and how many threads to use so they middle heart would be suspended.

I also wanted to do something on the inside to create a 3D effect. I thought about using a light box so that all of the hearts would align themselves. I decided to offset the interior hearts so it wouldn't look too matchy-matchy. I still might do another prototype and align them together but I will save that for another night.

Card Interior
Here is the card backlit so you can see the asymmetrical hearts which I think is kinda cool. I will share with you the alternate version next week.

Backlit card

All in all, a very productive Valentine's season.


Just Crafty Enough said...

I really like that cut out heart card. I need to get working on Matt's for this year!

Dr. Russ said...

Thank you so much. I am really happy with the way this one turned out. Probably one of my favorite ones yet.