Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Christmas Card Swaps

These are some more cards that I designed for this season. As mentioned previously, I always try and develop one card design that uses a different color scheme. The first card uses card stock that is called sorbet. The fuchsia and chartreuse colored card stock (watermelon and lime according to the manufacturers) was used for this card.

The top of the card is silver embossed. The top of the card is them shortened by 1 inch to reveal the chartreuse color of the interior of the card. The interior of the card has been gocco printed in silver ink with the greeting and a snowflake border.

The second card uses bits and pieces that I had in my scrap pile. The snowflake was left over the separates that were designed earlier in the week.

The first card represents why I purchased a Gocco printer. I wanted to combine screen printing and card making techniques to meld a new synthesis of handmade cards.

The top of the card showing the interior reveal

The interior of the card.

A card made up of leftover bits and pieces.


Barbeeque4 said...

The "bits and pieces" card is really great!!

Dr. Russ said...

Thank you. I kinda liked it too.