Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Iron Craft 2016 Challenge #22--The Letter I (Literally)

For Challenge #22, we were supposed to inspired by the letter I. Unfortunately, I couldn't get inspired. I looked and looked and looked but nothing jumped out at me. At first, I though about indigo which would have been fun but I couldn't decide on anything. Then, I thought about doing something with Indian Corn especially since Thanksgiving is coming soon. Maybe a tablescape or something. But no--to early for Indian corn, although there were plenty of pumpkins still around. Then I thought about insects but I had already done that for an Iron Craft Challenge. My final hope was Iguana. I searched for images but just couple find anything that tripped-my-trigger. In a final last ditch effort, I decided to just cut an I--literally.

Ultimately, this is my fourth attempt. I kept cutting some of the connectors because I was rushing. This is cut out of black card stock. Right now, I simply having it resting on a piece of white paper. Below, I have it resting on a piece of scrap orange paper.

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