Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Iron Craft 2015 Challenge #25--Last Minute Decorations

For this challenge, we were asked to work on those projects that were floundering on our to-do list. The problem for me during this time of year is that I have so many projects that I do for other people that when it comes time for me to decorate my space(s), I am usually too tired to do something for me to enjoy. So Challenge 25 came at just the right time.

At the end of each holiday season, I try to decorate with the leftovers from other projects. These transform into gift wrapping accessories or table decorations. This year, I decided to decorate my space at the theater since I will be working Christmas night (a first for me since I have been there). 

This is the back stage area where I work and where actors' guests come to visit. Why not decorate it for the holidays?

The first decoration is our bulletin board. I decided to do a eucalyptus and branch swag tied with a silver ribbon.

Eucalyptus and branches
The second decoration was my security station. This is where I sit during the show. I decided to give a nod to the Winter's Solstice and Hanukkah with a blue and white theme. This is more eucalyptus but with white branches and blue lights This is tied with a blue ribbon. Among the branches are crystal embellishments which glitter when the lights hit them.

With lights off
With lights on
The final decoration is the area when I stand to greet guests after the show. I decided to make a red and white wreath as a nod to Christmas. This is a fresh Douglas Fir wreath that I purchased. I wanted to make my own wreath but I just didn't have the energy. I have always loved mixing fresh and artificial elements in wreaths. I am really happy with the way this turned out and the fir fills the area where I stand with an amazing aroma.

When I was first starting holiday decorating, I started with making wreaths for people. I teamed up with a Christmas tree vendor who would sell me the wreaths at cost; I would decorate them and return them to the lot where he would sell them and we would split the profits.

The hallmark of my wreaths has always been the hanging ornament in the center of the wreath. Usually it is hung with fishing line so that it appears hanging in air. I had to use thread for this wreath but the effect is still the same.

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kat said...

How nice to decorate the space you'll be working on Christmas. I guess I never realized the shows were on on Christmas! Have a really happy one.