Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas 2015 Wrapping Hints (Day Two)

Continuing the coordinated paper theme, today's hint is layered gift wrapping. Like yesterday, this wrapping idea uses a belly band; this time it is used twice. This is the same craft paper wrapped box from yesterday. For the first belly band, I used the coordinating non-holiday wrap as the first layer. This is the same size as the original belly band used (8 inches with a 3 inch reveal).

I then used a second belly band (usually half the size of the original) and centered it on the first belly band. This layer is 4 inches with a 2 inch reveal. Belly bands are a great way to use up all of that extra paper you might have left over.

Wrapping Tip #1
The grid on the back of your paper should be your friend. Most papers that are gridded use a one inch square. Use a cloth measuring tape to find the size you need and proceed.

Wrapping Tip #2
For gifts that aren't going to the same place, standardize your boxes when you can. Since this box is the same size as yesterday, I already had the paper cut to size along the width dimension. All I had to do was adjust the height of the top layer and the measuring was already done for me.

Wrapping Tip #3
Keep the paper on the roll. Because I cut from the back side of the paper, I know exactly how much paper I need. Many times, there is a lot of excess paper since the rolls are so tall. Rather than cut the full sheet, I simply cut the piece that I need and roll up the excess while it is still attached to the roll.

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