Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Iron Craft 2015 Challenge #4--Flower Power Adult Coloring Book

Flower Power (pages 1 & 2)
For Iron Craft Challenge #4 we were asked to dream about Spring and remove ourselves from the Winter Doldrums. I have been working on large scale doodles each month and this month, I decided to combine my doodles with the Iron Craft Challenge.

I am calling these the Adult Coloring Book series because grownups are finding their coloring mojo again and the market is inundated with this style of coloring book. The premise is that the pictures should be more challenging (in design) to color. Many of these books are pattern/design books that replicate classic motifs (e.g., William Morris or Tiffany Stained Glass).

I am calling this book--Flower Power. It is a throwback to the Flower Power movement of the 60s and 70s.
Flower Power (pages 3 & 4)
Flower Power (pages 5 & 6)
Flower Power (pages 7 & 8)
Flower Power (pages 9 & 10)
These will be recreated by hand for those who purchase them and will be hand bound in solid covers. The pages can either come with coloring guidelines (like those shown above) or blank (as shown below). The structure is a bound accordion book. The overall dimensions are 50" (width) by 7" (height). That's right--that is over 4 feet of coloring. If you want to view the video, click here (open a YouTube video).

For the adventurous
(without coloring guidelines)


kat said...

Wow, those are so cool & such work!

luluvision said...

Love these! I am one of those that have been bitten with the coloring bug! I so want to color these!

Smaller Places said...

My goodness, you have a steady hand!

Those are so, so 1960s.

Ros said...

Oh, wow! When will they be available to purchase?