Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Final Coloring Book

I have been spending a lot time finalizing the details of my handmade coloring book as I prepare to start selling them on Etsy. I have made several adjustments after sending them to people to use. The biggest dilemma I was facing was how to close the book. I finally decided to use an elastic band similar to a moleskin. I also thought about using a ribbon to tie it closed but decided against the ribbon due to the fraying over time. These are books that I want to last a long time.

The title page can be left blank (in case someone wants to send it as a gift and/or write something). The colophon will be a paper label that is glued in place. I also tested some different papers in hopes that I would find something that would withstand dry and wet media. I also wanted a paper that would be wide enough so I could use one continuous sheet rather than having to glue several sheets together to get the book length that I wanted. I decided upon a Fabriano 200g paper.

Other than the title page, there will be some options so people can personalize the coloring book design. Namely, if there will be coloring lines or not. In order to illustrate, I decided to color and test my own book.

Coloring Lines or Not

Also illustrated here are the results of an unlined coloring book and using markers.

Crayon Illustrated Pages (using Crayola 96 count crayons)

 (left side--without coloring lines; right side-- with coloring lines)

Watercolor Illustrated Pages (using Caran d'Ache Classic Neocolor II Water-Soluble Pastels--15 count)

(left side--with coloring lines; right side--without coloring lines)

Colored Pencil Illustrated Pages (using Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils--24 count)

(left side--with coloring lines; right side--without coloring lines)

I don't know if the paper has enough tooth to use pastels (of which I am not a fan) but with fixative I am sure that it would probably be OK. Also, I did not test it using acrylic or oils. Maybe that will be a later test.

Now the only decision I have to make is how much to charge for each book.

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