Friday, May 2, 2014

Project #17--Bullets Over Broadway Opening Night Cards

Well, I have finally finished all of my Opening Night gifts for the current show at my theater. I have discussed some of the cards that I have already made here, here, and here. I am so glad to be finally done and can now move on to other projects.

All in all, I made 30 of the Opening Night Cards (for the crew), 105 Love Cards (21 ensemble members who got 5 cards each), and 45 Quote Cards (9 principle actors who got 5 cards each).

I spent 15 hours on the Opening Night Cards, 25 hours on the Love Cards, and 8 hours on the Quote Cards for a total of 48 hours.

Granted, these cards were unexpected and the burden was self-imposed but I am finally glad to be done with them.

I never really know how these cards are received. Many people understand the craftmanship, some don't. Many appreciate the effort, some don't. And, some people say Thank You, yet many don't. I always feel like The Little Drummer Boy or The Littlest Angel when presenting these cards as gifts.

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