Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Iron Craft 2012--Project 6

For Challenge 6, we were asked to create something with, or based on, Peeps. Unfortunately, after last year's challenge, I have an unnatural aversion to the texture of Peeps. I have never eaten a peep (either bunny or chick) nor do I have a desire to do so.

I knew that we would probably to an Easter based project but when I read that the most requested repeat challenge from last year was the Peeps challenge, I was floored.

After picking myself up from the dust covered floor, I decided that I would do a project based on Peeps. I thought about cooking a cake and decorating it like a Peep. Then, I thought about doing a felt Peep hand puppet but Captain Kangaroo already had a bunny puppet. So, I reached back into my comfortable bag of tricks and took out some pastel colored computer paper.

Here is what came out--a yellow bunny Peep.

One thing led to another and there appeared more Peeps but in different colors:

I had all of these bunny Peeps and they seemed to be multiplying:

So, I had to do something with them--

how about Bunny Peep PostIt notes!


kat said...

I think they are darling.

Tabitha said...

That's fab! Love that idea!