Sunday, March 25, 2012

Box a Week Challenge--Box #5

This week was a crazy week because I started my night job at the theater again plus I was trying to finalize my Peeps project for Iron Craft challenge. Also, for some reason, I took on a more ambitious project for the box challenge so I was a little crazed this week.

This week for the box challenge, I wanted to create a non-traditional shaped box. This week, I decided to do a curved box-with a hinged lid--with an interior tray--with a divider. WOW. I just got tired typing that.

The difficulty with making a curved shape is that you have to wet the boards so that they will bend. Also, you have to work very symmetrically.

I decided to use some of the double sided paper that I love for the structure (this paper is purple on one side and white on the other). I also decided to use a tie-dyed mulberry paper for the interior tray.

Here is the outside of the box:

(l) top view of the box
(r) front view of the box

One of the problems with doing such an intricate structure is that rounded shapes are harder to fit and harder to glue. Also, the lid has to match the base, the interior liner has to match the shape and dimension of the opening of the box and the tray, etc. Like sewing, curved surfaces have to be cut in a fringe-like fashion so they will cover the rounded surface.

(l) the opened box with tray
(r) the opened box with tray removed

While the structure isn't perfect, I believe that I am on my way as for a working model. With a few tweeks, I think this might be a keeper.

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