Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paper Cutting--Owl Project

After about six more hours over two days, I finally finished the owl project. Hopefully, now you can see the use of the connectors to ensure that the piece stays in one piece. I am thinking of simplifying the image so that I can turn them into greeting cards. The recipient really loved the final outcome.

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Pam Muljono said...

Hi! Got the link to this site from, thank you for sharing the basic must-knows about papercutting! I just recently got seriously hooked into papercutting. I was wondering what method you actually use to make the design template? Do you freehand-cut it? Or do you draw it on the paper? Or do you print on it (if it's the case do you print on the reverse side?) Or something else I haven't thought of? :D Sorry for the long question, I hope you don't mind :) thanks!