Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paper Cutting--Owl Project

My friend loves owls so I decided to use her project as the basis of my explanation of paper cutting. I found the above image on the internet and I will use it as the basis of this project. Unfortunately, there are some problems with the image.

If I were to use this image as is, I would be working with the positive space. In other words, I would be cutting out all of the white spaces and would be left with the black image as shown above. While most of this would be OK, there are some trouble areas that I would have to address.

The problem with floaters is that they are not connected to any other section of the cutout. Unless you want to paste them down independently then you somehow need to connect them to another piece of the cutout. Also, there are some tiny feathers to cut out which could be difficult. While working on a larger scale, this wouldn't necessarily cause a problem but if I want to reduce the image to work on a greeting card then there could be problems. Also, I don't necessarily like a floating image on a white background. I usually frame the image and then mount it to a solid background.

Here is the final image that I will use for the cutout. Even though the border is very thin, I will cut a 1/2 inch border around the image. You will notice that the image touches the border on all sides--in other words, I did not create any new floaters when placing the border around the image.

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