Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy New Year

OK--so I am late with my New Year's wishes but it was a very busy December 2011 and I wasn't nearly ready for the influx of stuff to happen as the year ended. I will definitely catch you up with goings-on but I wanted to share with you my first project for Iron Craft 2012.

First of all, the challenges this year occur every two weeks so the projects are expected to be more detailed or bigger risks. The first challenge this year was paper--dedicated to the first anniversary of Iron Craft. Because paper is my medium (and everyone knew it was it was mentioned in the challenge), I feel a little more pressure to produce something spectacular. I felt like Austin Scarlett in the opera gown challenge during Project Runway All Stars.

I decided to do another paper quilt. The first quilt that I did was a 9" by 9" quilt made out of a heart pattern. I decided to double the size of the quilt and make an 18" by 18" quilt.

There are three pattern blocks for this quilt. Two of the patterns are shown above. The third pattern is the big diamond pattern that you can see in the overall quilt above.

Here is the most intricate of the patterns above.

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