Sunday, August 28, 2011

P10K: Day Three

Today, I got a lot done while waiting for Hurricane Irene to hit NYC. Thankfully, we were spared the wrath of the hurricane although there was plenty of water damage and flooding in the lower parts of Manhattan. I survived unscathed in the Bronx. Because I had the entire day to myself, I was able to log in a whole bunch of hours in my project--now to be referred to as P10K.

I finished reading the book, Outliers, and was glad that I read it. Being a sociologist, it was a pleasant read and dispels some of our myths regarding success and how it is perceived and evaluated. The chapter regarding the 10,000 hour rule is what intrigued me the most. More importantly, the book also stresses that when there is an immediate intrinsic reward associated with hard work, we are much more likely to want to spend the required 10,000 hours to become proficient. While I found fault with some of the logic of the book, I was glad that I completed the it (2 hours).

I also dedicated time to catching up my blog entries regarding my Iron Craft projects. I count these hours as part of my P10K because the more information that I post about my art, my techniques, and my projects, the more likely people are going to want to see, and possibly purchase, my work. Part of the development of my art must include developing the business side of my art. If I don't develop the business side then I will never be able to become a full time artist (1 hour).

I also cleaned and organized my studio. I have a difficult time being creative if the studio is a mess. I would walk by the studio and move on rather than create which is opposite to what I am trying to do in the P10K. When I clean the studio, I am always amazed at rediscovering lost items or finding materials that I had forgotten(4 hours).

I finished my project for this week's Iron Craft Challenge. I will share pictures on Wednesday. I am really pleased with the way the project turned out (2 hours--finishing and taking pictures).

Finally, I have started reading a new book called Art at the Speed of Life. I will write a review upon completing the book (1 hour).

Total hours this week: 16
Total cumulative hours: 16

BTW, when I reference books that I am reading or reviewing, I do not get paid by the author or by I simply shop amazon and therefore provide their link to the the book I am reading. I am in no way getting compensated for discussing the book. If in the event I receive some compensation (either a free preview copy, etc.), I will disclose this information during that post.

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