Sunday, August 28, 2011

Iron Craft Fifteen

This week's challenge was to use Peeps Bunnies or Chicks in some way. While I must go on record to say that I have never eaten, or desired to eat, Peeps, I was a little puzzled by this challenge. As I was shopping for the Peeps and was trying to get candy for Easter (I have eaten my weight in Starburst Jelly beans and Skittles), I noticed some colorful candies.

Buying bags of candy in a variety of colors, I was hoping for some inspiration. One of the actor's from the theater was throwing away this tall vase. My inspiration came to me instantly. I layered jelly beans (which I had to sacrifice from my PERSONAL stash), malted eggs, and bunny Peeps. I have always wondered if they were still classified as Peeps if they were bunnies. Chicks peep but what sound does a bunny made. In truth, what do bunnies do besides mate, eat and make poop. Maybe the chicks should be Peeps and the bunnies should be Poops.

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