Monday, April 4, 2011

Iron Craft Week Ten

This week's challenge was called "Fat Tuesday in the Quarter." I had no idea what the challenge was going to be. We were required to make something out of a "fat quarter" of fabric. First of all, I had no idea what a fat quarter was. More importantly, I had no idea if I had any fabric hanging around the apartment or studio.

It was explained to me that a quarter yard of fabric is usually 9" by 44" when cut off the bolt. A fat quarter is cut differently and measures 18" by 22" which gives you more options on how to use the material. A general guideline is the shape and size of a bandanna. I was amazed at the projects that were created with such a small piece of fabric (roundup1 and roundup2).

I was really stumped on this challenge because I had vowed not to spend any money on these projects. I was looking for old T-shirts or old shirts that I could use. I had a couple of options in clothing. I was also looking at old bedding that could be used and had a couple of options there as well. I decided to look in my sewing storage container and found this beautiful piece of fabric that I had used several years ago. The fabric was left over from a bulletin board project that I had made for a friend of mine. It featured large poppy flowers in oranges, yellows and browns.

I decided to make a large storage box with brown book cloth and used a piece of the fabric as the inset in the top of the box. I had to back the fabric with paper so that the glue wouldn't seep through the fabric. I used a heat bond adhesive and backed the fabric with Japanese tissue.

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