Monday, April 4, 2011

Iron Craft Week Eight

For this week of Iron Craft, we were challenged to craft something dedicated to our hometown (roundup1 and roundup2). I was on the fence about what I wanted to do. I could have done my hometown of Houston, Texas which would have been easy. I could have done West Lafayette, Indiana which was were I went to school. Or, I could do my current hometown of New York City. While I have only lived in NYC since 2002, I believe that NYC really is my hometown because I truly believe that it the place that I was meant to live.

I was walking down Broadway on my way to the theater, and I was overwhelemed by the street vendors handing out brochures for theater ticket discounts. At that moment, I realized that I wanted to do an homage to Broadway theater. I designed a two page spread in my art journal. The paper is Arches cold pressed watercolor paper. On one page, I used my handmade alcohol inks to lay down a background and did the paper cutout of the Statue of Liberty. The other pages uses a NYC subway map printed paper on which I cutout images from some of my favorite Broadway shows--Mary Poppins, West Side Story and the Lion King.

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