Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Coptic Stitch Book

My obsession with paper has been well documented on this blog. I teasingly introduce myself in my bookbinding/paper classes as a paper whore. I hoard paper and will buy paper products just in case I might need something. Rather than create projects from the materials that I have, many times I will shop and buy new materials for a new project. The problem with this type of attitude is that my supplies start to multiply and there have been occasions where I have bought duplicate materials.

Unfortunately, not all paper is created equal. I have favorites. Some paper will probably never get used because I like it too much (I almost said "love" and realized how silly that would have been). Some materials will be saved for special occasions or for special people and I will gladly use those materials when the time arrives.

Yet, I have some materials that I have that I just don't realize why I bought them. I had one project that was for a friend's daughter who loves pink. As a matter of record, I hate pink but I have a surplus of pink book cloth and paper. When I am in these situations, I tend to use these materials for mockups or practice sessions.

I am making a mockup of a coptic stitch book. I was going through my stash of materials and came across these two papers. The brown bamboo pattern was a little too large for most of my projects but I think that it will be OK with this 6" x 9" book. I am using the yellow/orange striped Thai paper as a paste down on the interior of the book. Hopefully, the two papers won't look garish alongside each other.

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