Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Album

Here is one of the commissions that I was working on. It is a wedding album for a young couple. The colors of the wedding were deep red and ivory. The pages are hand torn and are Folio (250 gm) Antique. It is a beautiful paper to work with and is great for album pages. The indentation that you see on the front cover is for a 4 x 6 photo from the wedding. The covering is a Japanese Silk book cloth.

(above) The album from the front view.

There are two folios per signature and these are sewn onto an accordion folded spine with 6 mountain folds. The last signature has three folios. This amounts to 25 pages for photographs (if using the front side only) or 50 pages if you are using fronts and backs (which is not recommended for a photo album unless there are interleaves and it isn't recommended in that case either).

(above) The album from the side view.

The endsheets are a beautiful French Marbled paper that has a gold iridescence.
(above) Endsheets and hand torn pages.

The finished dimensions of the photo album are 12" by 12" which will allow two 4 by 6 photos per page (in either orientation) or one 8 by 10 photo (in either orientation). The accordion spine allows for the the album to expand once the photos are added and the extra long ribbon will keep the album shut should it splay open once it is filled.

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