Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

First of all,
Happy Mother's Day to all those who qualify.

I received a frantic call this morning at 10 AM. Please keep in mind that Sunday is the only day that I have off from both of my jobs. I normally sleep in (which is 8 or 9 AM since I normally wake up at 6). I leisurely treat myself to a diner breakfast and aimlessly enjoy my day.

Instead, this morning, I received a frantic call from S (who is one of my truly good friends in NYC). Here is how the conversation went:
S: Dude, I need a Mother's Day card, bad.
Me: Go to the store and buy one.
S: No really, I need one of your cards, really bad.
Me: It's Mother's Day already.
S: I know--I'm a total shit.
Me: Why did you wait til the last moment.?
S: Stop being my Mom. Can you make me a card? Don't you have one around.
Me: Nooooooooo. I make cards to order. You know that.
S: Just throw something together for me, pleaaaaaaaaaaase.
Me: Why don't you just buy one from the store?
S: You always make cards for my Mom. If I don't give her one of your cards, she will know that I waited until the last moment and then I have to sit through the entire brunch hearing how bad of a kid I am.
Me: Alriiiiiiiiiiight. When do you need it?
S: Well, brunch is at 1. Can you bring it to the city by then.
Me: Excuse me? Don't you mean--can I pick it up on my way to the city?
S: Oh, ugh, yeaaaaaah. When do you think I can stop by and pick it up.
Here is what I came up with.
Option #1. The design is from a Dover Publications of Floral Stencils. I cut out the design and backed it with red moire paper for the buds and petals. I used a patterned Florentine paper for the leaves and stems ( I wanted it to look like variegated foliage). There is text weight white paper on the inside that reads "Happy Mother's Day."
Option #2--This is the same card as above showing the white liner as the background.
I don't really know which one I like better but I think that they turned out OK considering it was a rush job. S better be bringing some Godiva chocolates in the near future (He is a Regional Manager for Godiva). Oh, the things we do for friends.

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