Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Technique: Crayon Resist

One of the latest techniques that I have been experimenting with is crayon resist. I have been using a variety of different papers to see what effects that I can achieve. I have also been using a variety of different crayon bases and washes to see their interaction. The first example that I will share with you is a crayola crayon resist.

The paper is Aqvarelle Arches, Cold Pressed, 100 % Cotton (140 lb).
The base is simply Crayola crayons (96 pack)
The wash (overlay) is black gesso.

I like using the Arches paper in watercolor block. I find that I have less leakage onto the other pages when using a block. Also, I believe that the paper stays flatter and dries more evenly.

The crayons are a little waxier than some of the bases that I have used. Therefore, your crayons will not spread as easily as some of the other bases. You will find that you have to press harder and almost crosshatch for good coverage.

I like the way that the black gesso evens out the finish and mutes all of the colors.

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