Tuesday, February 2, 2010

From My Library: Journal Spilling by Diana Trout

This book was mentioned on another blog (of which I can't remember at the moment). This book is a combination of mentoring and technique. If you are new to art journaling, it is a great resource on how to get over the hurdles that new, and experienced, journal writers face--the empty page.

The are a variety of different exercises that the author provides to jump start your pages. One benefit is that the author provides you with concrete and finished examples of her completed pages following the exercises she is recommending.

One of the interesting aspects of the book is her concept of journal spilling--not the esoteric explanation that she provides on page 15 but the practical exercise of putting thoughts to paper without a concern for spelling, grammar, content, or composition. The goal is a stream of consciousness writing that fills the page--big letters, cursive letters, fat looping letters--anything to fill out the page. This then becomes: a page in your journal, fodder for a collage, or confetti to be torn up and pasted down later.

The freeing aspect of this stream of consciousness writing is that it becomes liberating. More importantly, if it is too personal she provides you examples of how to cover it up so that only you know what is on the page--even as the writing becomes decorative on the page.

While the examples of journaling provided are not my personal style, the book is a valuable resource for the liberating, and often healing, aspects of art journals.

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