Tuesday, August 18, 2009


(left) The rejected project
(right) The final project

What should have been an easy swap turned out to be an unnecessarily agonizing journey. One of the problems that I have when creating is that I become fixated on a single concept of the project. Unlike one artist who has the ability to go with the flow, I know what I want and I will be determined to continue to try and get what I want no matter how many times I have to attempt the project.

The problem with this approach is that I end up wasting time and materials and in the end, I still switch to something else. Granted, most of these projects are paper projects that are easily replicated. I don't think that I would be so determined if I were working in larger or more expensive media.

The project was supposed to be a postcard based on birds--that's it. Since I have been working on my book of silhouettes, I thought that I would do something on that order. When I found out the theme, I automatically thought of of the nursery rhyme Four and Twenty Blackbirds. I used a watercolor card base. I then printed the tag line from the rhyme, and place the matted silhouette over the card. I just couldn't get the silhouette that I wanted. As I was getting more frustrated, I started to get sloppy. The best card is the one that I show above--including all of the fingerprints that found themselves in the ModPodged edges.

I then took a day off and decided to try something different. I printed the word "bird" on the right margin on the postcard. I then glued a sheet of handmade petal infused paper on top of the written card. I used a tissue cut flower that my friend makes in Hong Kong. On top of that, I put a simple hummingbird silhouette that I designed.

So simple. Why couldn't I just do that two weeks ago?

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