Sunday, August 23, 2009

Damn you Leslie H. (just kidding)

There are some blogs that I read every day. I am most appreciative of those artists/crafters that share their endeavors on their blog. One artist that has been very kind in sharing is Leslie H. from Comfortable Shoes Studio.

On this particular entry, Leslie describes how to make and use handmade alcohol inks. Of course, you can buy them at ridiculous prices, but Leslie shows you how to make them on the cheap—which is BRILLIANT.

Naturally, I had to make some for myself and now I am hooked. I went out and bought all of the spray misters that I could find on a Sunday afternoon. I will put in an order on Monday with Ultrecht which has great misters.

They worked wonderfully. What I like about them is that you can customize colors. Right now, I have ten colors made. The fun aspect for me is the chemistry of making the colors that I want--pastel shades, jewel colored shades and dark shades.

Here are some postcard backgrounds that I made and one completed postcard for a swap.

alcohol ink backgrounds

Swapbot postcard

Damn you Leslie H—I’m addicted.



Comfortable Shoes Studio said...

hahaha, I'm glad you like them. I am addicted myself. they are so much fun!

luluvision said...

damn you Russ! Now I MUST try this too! (I wish I saw it before I placed an order for color wash spray!)